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Welcome to the Client Christmas Page.

View what others have done with my designs to make them their own.

Do you have some designs of mine that you have stitched and would like to share?

Please send them to me and I would be happy to post them on this page.

Christmas is so much Fun!!
Sharon had purchased NANCY'S NOEL as a kit

years ago.  She came across it and decided to

complete it this fall.  However, she had forgotten

how to do the binding stitch and the cording for

the handles.  I tried to help over long distance,

but to no avail, so she turned to a friend from

the local guild.  Patty was up to the challenge

and was able to spend time with her one on one

and away Sharon went.  Look at the superb job

Sharon did.  The cording looks perfect!

Sharon and I think Patty is a peach!!  That is

what guild members do for each other!

If you would like to do this delightful little bag I

am releasing NANCY'S NOEL. It will be listed

in the Canvaswork Designs under the

Christmas heading.

These three wonderful pictures are

GLIMMERING TRIO stitched by Jana when she

took the Cyberpointers Class with me in March


For the first ornament she used my suggested

colours.  For the other two ornaments she used

her own colours and made different tassels

including the wonderful beaded tassel.

She also lightly stuffed her ornaments helping
them to keep their shape.

I love it when people add to my designs as it

makes my designs adaptable to your decor.
I love when students send me a new twist

on my designs.  That is exactly what Patty did

when she stitched all ten of the Gourmandize

Gem Collection. 

These are hot and spicy, stitched in orange,

coral and reds as well as pine green, to light

greens.  Wonderful tassels and cords for


A couple of points to note: there are three

pictures but note five of the ornaments have

different coloured backs to the fronts offering

even more interest to these designs.  Now, the

one picture is upside down and no matter how I

turned it it goes back to this format every time!!

A "sprite" playing tricks on me I do believe.
I have been so fortunate to have met so many

stitchers along the highway of life. When I

had my shop in Winnipeg I hosted a stitch-in

on Thursday afternoons.  Pat was one of the

frequent attendees and decided to join one of

my Clubs which was a year-long

commitment.  During that year we completed

12 little Let's Go Shopping Bags and they

were worked in red and gold or in blue and

silver.  (See the banner at the top of this page)

Pat was a fun person and had a great Irish

sense of humour.  She worked hard and

completed each one.   She really enjoy

stitching but confessed that she would have to

get to the finishing "someday".  She had six

childern and everything she stitched was for one

of them.

Pat was in her late eighties when she passed.

Her eldest daughter was taking care of

things and she discovered many unfinished

items. She is a stitcher too, and began to the

finishing the projects, giving them to her siblings

as her mother would have wanted her too.

This year her one sister will be receiving this

beautiful collection to cherish for many years

to come!  This is LOVE!