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What is Canvaswork?  The background material is called canvas and it comes in many

different sizes.  It is evenly woven and #12 Mono means it has single thread and there

are twelve threads to an inch both horizontally and vertically.   Therefore, #18 Mono

canvas means eighteen threads to the inch both horizontally and vertically.  It comes in

many different colours so that the canvas and thread can match and become part of a


There is a multitude of different threads that can be used and the sizing of the thread

depends on the size of the canvas chosen.  If the canvas is #18 to #24 count you want

finer threads and larger canvases such as #12 to #16 will require thicker threads.

Luckily for us most patterns come with recommended threads and canvas so you do not

have to mix and match unless you want too.

Is Canvaswork new?  No, many people know it as Needlepoint or Petite Point.  The

difference between these words are that Needlepoint and Petite Point usually refer to

one stitch, the Continental Stitch.   Canvaswork is exciting and interesting as there are

hundreds of different stitches that can be used.

This section has been divided into topics (Dreams, Scissor holders) or themes

(Christmas, Gardens, Months) for easy reviewing.  All the designs have a picture, some

information on the size and some of the materials required along with a suggested

proficiency level.  If you have questions please ask.

When you decide that you like a pattern here, check out the STUDENT GALLERY link

above to see if someone has done it in different colours.  Did they change stitches or

add something else to the design?  How have they framed or finished the project?

There is a suggested price but you may find that the pattern has been priced higher in

your local needlework store; this would be due to postage charges, especially since it

comes from Canada.



The focus of this course is to offer students

 an opportunity to alter the appearance of

an original design. Suggested options are

provided in many sections. These choices
can be different stitches,colours, opposite

colour value directions and fibre.

The model features a neutral border with

two distinct colour harmonies A (green)

and B (mulberry). For the third family C,

I expanded the number of values included

in the colour range of the neutral border.

Wonderful results can be achieved through

numerous colour combinations. You are

encouraged to use your creativity and

individuality in your selections. Record the

colours in the space provided. At the back

of the book is an alternative square ā€œGā€.

You can place the squares in any order.

There are a large variety of stitches and

stitch techniques in this design including a

large Rococo,Waffle, Walneto, Crescent,

Spider Variation, Slanted Florentine, Flat,

Basketweave,Oblong Cross, Rice,

Smyrna, Ray and many more!

Proficiency:  Intermediate to Advanced

Suggested Retail Price: $50.00



Come discover this inspiring design of

shared friendship between three people.

The flowing ribbon entwines their

relationships. Common colours and

stitches bind them together. Distinct

colours and stitches are used in each of

the sections to represent the individuality

of each friend.

A large variety of fibres and stitches (many

worked on the diagonal) are offered for the

intermediate to advanced stitcher. Diverse

techniques such as beading, attaching and

enhancing cording, covering unusual

objects plus using a laying tool.

A supply page will be provided so the

stitcher can purchase their own supplies

for their own journey in colour.

Proficiency:  Intermediate to Advanced

Suggested Retail Price: $26.00