Carolyn Mitchell Designs


On this page, view some of the beautiful designs that my clients have completed and the

delightful ways they have done so.  If you have completed one of my designs and would

like to share it, please send me a ".jpg" format with your permission to have it posted.

Please include comments on the design, colour and/or fibres you used to make it your

own. Did you win a prize?  Many have done so in this fabulous group of stitchers!

Thank you everyone for sharing.

Above is a portion from Bayberry Garden.


Pyra, is having great fun creating the four coasters for her new home.

These are a blend of Canvaswork and Blackwork.  She has done an excellent job

stitching both techniques.  Each design has step-by-step instructions for stitching all

the Blackwork patterns as well as the Canvas stitches.

These designs are small enough to give them as gifts for your family and friends

stitched to match their home decor.

Thank you for sharing your fun Pyra.


This design pays homage to Autumn,

especially in eastern Canada and the

the northern United States.  The Maple

Leaves sing the loudest in colour, and

make the others join in, as the winds

whirl them in dance across the earth. 

Definately, the most colourful of all the


Patty did a wonderful job of playing

with the stitches including the

Blackwork leaves.  Her cousin Kate

admired it and now it graces her home!

It is always such a good feeling to

share your talents with others you love.

Sharon was in a test class for Elusive

Dreams.  Now my design is in pale

colours, however I encourage the

students to use the colours they like.

Sharon did just that and WOW do I like it!

She has also sent me some close-up

sections that I am including.

Congratulations, Sharon on a job well


Congratulations Diane for sharing your

award winner Echoes of Glass with us!!

You stitched this very quickly starting in

mid April, finishing it, and having it framed

in time for the summer fair!

You made a good frame choice as it

complements the stitching.

I always find this design very uplifting.

It certainly is one of my most popular

designs today!

Thank you for sharing, Diane.

Congratulations Pat, on being a big

winner at the Fair.

Pat actually was in class with

Denise, however they used

different canvas colours and

achieved neat results.The texture in

your picture is very evident

throughout, showing you have

excellent tension control on

your stitches, Pat.

I am always so happy to see my

students shine at these

competions, because I supply the

design with the suggested stitches,

fibres and colours.  However, it is

the person with needle in hand who

can make the design sing and win

praises from the judges!

I am looking forward to your next

win, Pat.  Your are a talented


Denise, drove to Cochrane

Alberta to attend the Echoes

of Glass  class at Stitching

Corner. Here is her completed design.

She did a lovely job of blending

her colours to create the Tiffany

Glass look.

Denise told me that, when she

attached the beads, she used

different thread in the top

section from what she used in

the other two sections.  She

noticed it does make a

difference.  This is especially

true with crystals and the

translucent beads.

Her stitching is very defined and

features an exquiste quality.

Thank you Denise for sharing

your talent!

I am alway so proud of my clients

 and students who enter shows

and fairs and win big!!

Cheryl, did just that!  She signed up

and did Off The Beaten Path

with the ANG's cyber classes.  I am

always so happy to be selected as

one of their teachers so I can share

my knowledge and designs with


This was a four-month course

working through a Yahoo site and

besides the posted lessons the

students can ask questions and I

can answer them.  Plus, the

students get close up pictures of

how a stitch is created. 

This is a delightful way to learn and

to expand your knowledge,

especially if you do not have a guild

or needlework shop close by.

When Cheryl's project was complete she

took Off The Beaten Path to her

favourite framer and discussed how

she invisioned the finished piece.

The framer came through with

exactly what she wanted.  This is

such an innovative presentation.

Many people wonder what makes

a piece a winner?

It is a combination of factors.

First, the stitching itself has be

spot on!

Secondly, the design has to be


Thirdly, the finishing has to suit the

design and be attractive. Good

finishing must not overwhelm the

design, but be an asset.

These three factors must come

together to create the WOW

that catches the judges


The judges in North Carolina know

 a WINNER when they see it!!


was one of the classes I

taught at Seminar 2013 in

Winnipeg.  Cathy met me in Toronto

this year and told me she finished


Of course I had to see it.  She

did a beautiful job of stitching and

having her piece framed.

Unfortunately, in this photograph the

edge of the beautiful gold frame has been

lost part way around.

Cathy says "It was a pleasure to

stitch and now holds a special

place in my front foyer."

It makes me happy to receive such


Leigh is pleased to have Creative

Persuasion complete and in her favourite


I encourage stitchers to stitch my designs

in their own colour choices to match their

home decor.  When you purchase one of

my designs, work with the shop and have

them pull my thread colours. Place them

on the table or counter and match your

colour family by putting your lightest colour

where my lightest is and so on. Then the

depth and shadows are created in the

same places.

Have fun, just like Leigh did.

Carrie says, "I am so excited about

finishing this project. It has been so

much fun".  She also tells me she is

going to do a second Parallel Dreams in

green and purple.

Carrie, you have a beautiful hand for

this work!!

 Denise has enjoyed stitching

September Morn which is one

of my Months.  All the months are

complete each one telling a

story in stitches about the month.

Each month features different

stitches and different fibres.  They

are all the same size 88 stitches by

88 stitches so you can have a box

and just change the top each


Colleen took ALLURE at Seminar

2013 in Winnipeg with me and she

did a fabalous job.  I love her

framing which complements the

design.   This is a delightful

photo.  Congratulations, on

a challenging design.

Kilmeny also took Allure at Seminar

2013.  She did her own interpretion and

took the grand prize at her local fair!

Her mother claimed ownership


Way to go, Kilmeny!!!

Carmen completed Analogous

Fusion in record time and created

an awesome bed pillow. What a

clever idea and doesn't it look


Thanks Carmen!!

Jenny did Echoes of Glass at

Stitching Corner in Cochrane,

Alberta.  She had all the threads

from the store that her eyes could

drink up.  She changed the colours

and WOW look what she

accomplished in less than two



CHARM!  Keep up the good work


Congratulations to Pat for winning

 first prize

Flowing Friendships.  I love

the addition of the little "coins"!

Jenny took Off The Beaten Path

at seminar in Winnipeg in

 2013 and elected to do the three

 designs separately.  She finished

 the designs in different methods

 including this neat bag for a friend.