Carolyn Mitchell Designs

Carolyn Mitchell Designs

The heading above features three panels from my design called MY WAY.

September 2021

Where has the year gone?  So much has happened this year in our world.  Autumn is sneaking up quickly and our trees will be

 bursting forth in colour! 

COVID-19 has not left us so we are still in stages of shut downs. Most of the guilds in Canada are back meeting on Zoom.  It is

 amazing what we can do with Zoom.  We can have guest speakers from around the world, tours of museums, and guest

 teachers, teaching us wonderful techniques that we may not have known two years ago.  The National Guilds  are still hosting

 Seminars using Zoom and some are doing both so if you do not want to attend there are classes virtually.

On Zoom many of our members can share their finished projects or projects in progress with all the other members and we can often

 see them better than if we were meeting in person.. The local teachers in a guild can still offer projects or basic to advance being spotlighted so everyone can see up close.  

We can still order supplies from the shops, however some things may not be available immediately as manufacturers are still trying to

 get caught up.  Most stitchers have stashes they can use for many projects and therefore exploring their creative sides by changing

 colours, changing types of threads, changing stitches, or removing or adding to the pattern or design they have decided to work.  The

 embroidery police will look away just this once!

Have fun, make your friends Christmas gifts or cards.  There are a selection of free cards on this site and you can use your stash.

 Make sure you support your guilds, the executives are working hard to provide you with interesting activities.  It is wonderful to see

 people and we will all be back together someday soon.


Happy Stitching Everyone,