Carolyn Mitchell Designs Retailers

Retailers, otherwise known as Needlework Shops, are the bloodline of this business;

without them you would not be able to enjoy your hobby.  They supply the ground fabrics,

fabulous threads, beads and other embellishments, needles, accessories such as hoops,

frames, needlework stands and of course books galore!

There is nothing that compares to walking into a needlework shop as the colours of the

threads greet you at the door!

Yes, online shops are great too but you miss the touch and feel of the threads and

fabrics.  Plus sometimes the colours change, especially in the overdyed threads and

fabrics.  However, shops are often miles away so you have to order.  If this is the case,

get to know the people at the shop where you are placing your order and they will bend

over backwards to serve you. 

Here is a tip for describing colour to a shop owner:

Use a DMC colour number - "I need a piece of fabric that matches (or is the colour of)

DMC 924."  This tells the sale clerk what colour you are looking for and she will get as

close as possible to it. Give them options too, just in case something is no longer