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What is Hardanger?  It is one of the Whitework techniques hailing from Norway.

However, most of the Nordic countries do this beautiful work.  Originally Hardanger was

stitched on white linen and using white thread or on ecru linen using ecru thread. Today

Hardanger is worked on many different fabrics using many different fibres and colours.

For myself, I still prefer the light colours as it offers a delicate appearance.



Have fun stitching these ten
small elegant

ornaments which require knowledge of the

basics in Hardanger. They are stitched on

27 count North Cross Linen using

Elegance, Subtlety, #8 Braid and crystals.

You certainly can use #8 and #12 Perle


The book does have a glossary with step-

by-step instructions.  It is a great way to

learn as the designs are small.

Proficiency:  Beginner to Advanced

Suggested Retail Price: $20.00

Love Brandon 

This design can be
worked as a table centre or to cover a shaker box. This elegant

beginner design teaches the basics in Hardanger. Stitches includes Klosters, Ship,

Tulips, Woven Bars, Dove's Eyes, Eyelets and a fringed border.  Written to be worked on

22 or 28 Count fabric, it uses #5 and #8 Perle Cotton and Watercolours for the 22 count

fabric; or use #8 and #12 Perle Cotton, Waterlilies and pearl beads for the 28 count


Proficiency:  Beginner to Intermediate/Advanced

Suggested Retail Price: $16.00


Summer Garden

A pretty, subtle design in Hardanger. It is

stitched on 25 count Lugana with an overall

design of 12 by 21 inches. Stitches used in

this design are Edelweiss, Blanket Stitch

Flower, Satin Motifs and the delicate Lacy

Buttonhole Edging. Fibres include

Waterlilies, Splendor, Soie Cristale plus

#8 and #12 Perle Cottons.

Proficiency:   Intermediate to Advanced

Suggested Retail Price: $20.00

Carberry Star

This is a great beginner design featuring:

Klosters, cutting, woven bars, eyelets, star,

spider stitch and buttonhole stitch.  It can be

worked on 22 to 32 count fabric with the

threads begin adjusted to the size of fabric.

The booklet includes step-by-step


Proficiency:   Beginner

Suggested Retail Price: $12.00


Here is total elegance. It is 13" by 13" when

worked on 27 count Quaker cloth or North

Cross Linen and the fibres are Waterlilies,

Elegance, Subtlety (all silks) and #4 Braid.

A laying tool is required to achieve the

smooth look.  Stitches include:  Satin

Motifs, Cable, Kloster Bars, Woven

Wheels, Struvor Stitch, and pretty Shells.

Proficiency:   Intermediate to Advanced

Suggested Retail Price: $10.00