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Hello Everyone:

Errors do happen for various reasons. If you find an error

please bring it to my attention so it can be posted for others. Thank you.

I do go back into the instructions and correct the error in my original, so if

your book is recently printed, I will have corrected any errors brought to

my attention.


This escaped on me before a little error was discovered.  Please follow

the chart and instructions below concerning the corner.  Thank you for

your patience.

STEP 3:  To create the Flat Stitch Variation section you must pay close

attention to your stitch direction.  Use three plies of Soie d’alger 1341 for

the entire section.  Follow the Master Chart and Figure 3 for placement. I

used a variety of colours to help in reading this chart.  Watch the

placement of the first stitch that is shown in grey.  You can place the

compensating stitches, shown in green, whenever you feel comfortable; I

would do them as soon as possible so that they don't get forgotten.  I have

also included a close up of the right-hand corner as the stitches turn to

give a mirror image.  You can turn your page or turn your work to make

the stitching easier. 

Note there are six Continental Stitches worked on

the mitred line using three plies of Soie d’alger 1342.


It has been brought to my attention that #8 Perle Cotton #838 is not

available. Here are a couple of suggestions:

- use 4 plies of DMC floss #838

- use DMC #840 which blends with the other suggested colours

- Whichever you choose, make sure to make #5 Perle Cotton #838 the

same as the #8 Perle Cotton you choose.

I am truly sorry for this oversight. - CAROLYN


PLEASE NOTE: that on the design for Anne Boleyn in the Blackwork section, #47 is

missing so please just travel from #46 to #48.

Thank you.



Some people may be missing page 32, the Windmill chart.  If this is the

case please e-mail me at:

I will send it to you at no charge, things happen!!