Carolyn Mitchell Designs


The GARDEN SERIES feature a variety of stitches and fibres worked on Canvas.  The

addition of beads, charms, crystals or other found objects enhances your garden


Often the more complex stitches or techniques are found in these designs such as the

Walneto Stitch, covering a washer, or cutting holes in the canvas.Excellent challenges!!


Stitch this charming garden that is 132 by

132 mesh (7.5" by 7.5"), and worked on #18

aquamarine mono canvas.  It features such

neat stitches as Eyelets, Norwich Waffles,

Cloverleaf Walneto, Rococo, and Blackwork.

The fibres include #5 and #8 Perle Cotton,

Impressions, Neon Rays, ThreadworX, and

Kreinik plus silver beads and Swarovski

Crystals for embellishment.

Proficiency:  Intermediate to Advanced

Suggested Retail Price: $16.00


Stitch this enchanting garden that is 136 by

136 mesh (7.5" by 7.5") worked on #18

mono canvas.  It features a variety of

stitches including Eyelets, Four-Way

Continental, Three-Layered Waffles and

Crescent.  Fibres include, Impressions,

Braids, silks, and Neon Rays. Colourways

are written for Spring, Autumn and Holiday.

The centre hides a sterling treasure. This

design was featured in A Needle Pulling

Thread for four issues covering 2009/10.

Proficiency:  Intermediate to Advanced

Suggested Retail Price: $20.00

This is the design featured in the header

on this page.


Stitch this captivating garden worked on #18

count Santa Fe Sage mono canvas.

The design is 180 by 180 mesh or 10" by


It features a Blackwork border with interior

canvas stitches worked in the colour

"Bayberry" by Trebizond or #8 Perle Cotton,

with #12 Braid and sparkling 8mm Margarita

Swarovski crystals.

Proficiency:  Intermediate

Suggested Retail Price: $18.00


Stitch this alluring garden that is 68 by 120

mesh or 3 3/4" by 6 2/3" worked on #18

mono canvas.   This distinctive design is

worked entirely in The Caron Collection™. A

variety of stitches are used and the design

including the optional challenge of cutting a

hole for the single earring.  This design will

hold many "lost" earrings or other

memories from our past.

Proficiency:  Intermediate to Advanced

Suggested Retail Price: $18.00


Stitch this relaxing garden park.  It is 112 by

112 mesh or 6 1/4" by 6 1/4". This unique

design depicts a city park as twilight falls.

It uses a large variety of stitches and

exciting fibres from The Caron Collection™. 

The water fountain sparkles as it is worked

using a washer, head pins, beads and


Proficiency:  Intermediate to Advanced

Suggested Retail Price: $20.00