Carolyn Mitchell Designs

Carolyn Mitchell
[Photo by Celine Schaad] Carolyn Mitchell has devoted the past thirty-five years to sharing her love of textiles, thread and creative stitchery with all those she meets.

A National Standard Council of American Embroiderers (NSCAE) certified teacher since 1987 and talented designer, Carolyn owned and ran a very popular needlework store, "Mrs Twitchett's Eye", opening in 1988 in Whitehorse, Yukon, then moving to Fort St John, BC and then in Winnipeg, MB until her retirement in May 2008. Without the help and support of her family Carolyn would not have been able to accomplish so much. Reg has been her bookkeeper and home support since his retirement and has enabled Carolyn to devote most of her time to designing - much to the delight of her students and guests.

As an active member of the Embroidery Association of Canada (EAC) since 1977, Carolyn has become a well known educator and advocate of her favourite forms of needlework. Because she travels frequently and teaches by invitation in many communities across Canada, Carolyn is much in demand and often designs pieces based on colours and textures that she sees on her travels.

Carolyn is equally at home with Canvaswork, Hardanger, Blackwork, Florentine and Counted Thread as well as Smocking and Pulled Thread Work. She frequently uses stitches and techniques from the different forms of needlework to achieve the exact ‘look' for her current project. As well as being a keen observer of the world around her, Carolyn welcomes ideas and input from those she teaches and meets. Carolyn Mitchell Designs are also requested by telephone and e-mail and her experience teaching correspondence courses for EAC stands her in good stead when helping her clients over long distances.

One of Carolyn's greatest talents is her encyclopaedic knowledge of threads – their uses and colour ranges. She continues to amaze her students with alternate suggestions when the colour combination in a pattern does not appeal to them. She also encourages all needle workers to broaden their horizons by attempting new challenges and Carolyn is always ready with a helping hand when needed.

Knowing Carolyn is to be included in a warm and encouraging environment where the emphasis is not only on imparting knowledge but also on sharing ideas and enjoying the company of other like-minded people. One of Carolyn's greatest strengths is awakening the adventurous in even the most timid stitcher. As Carolyn uses the world around her as inspiration, she teaches her students and guests to broaden their horizons as far as they can and then she initiates the ‘little push' that amazes the students to find they have reached further out of their comfort zone – be it with colour experiments, stitches previously considered too hard, or attempting a new form of needlework

Carolyn is the mother of two daughters, both of whom are school teachers, who obviously inherited their mother's “teaching gene” and love of sharing knowledge. Carolyn and her husband Reg are the proud grandparents of 12-year old Alexandre and 'Charley Girl' who is 7, and they are both proud possessors of Grandma's needlework!  Now Grandmom has to get work again as Ava has arrived and she will want something special just like her sister and brother.