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Carolyn Mitchell Designs

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Welcome to my updated site.

Just a note to say I think I have my web site up to date now.   I try to add new information as it


The new designs from my teaching portfolio are:  Enchantment,  Autumn Foliage, Elusive Dreams,

First Snow, and Mystique.

On the Teaching Design Page is On The Edge my new design from 2017.

I will be adding some new teaching dates as soon as they are confirmed.

Plus my free Christmas Card for 2018 will be posted soon.

Thank you all for your patience as I did this clean up and I hope it is easier for everyone to read.

Happy Stitching Everyone,



Card for 2018 will be available at Seminar

2018 in PEI this July during Merchant's Night. 

Kit $6.00

May the Joy of Christmas be in your Heart

All Year Long!!

Chart will be posted in  the Free Christmas

Designs shortly.


This lovely elongated octagon design is

perfect for this beautiful box.

Worked on #18 Mono canvas in Eggshell. 

The threads consist of  12 ply Gloriana Silk,

Duchess Silk, 3/8" trim, #4 and #12 Braid,

Soie Cristale and bedecked with 2mm

pearls and a margerita crystal.

Stitches include:  Jessicas, Hungarian,

Double Straight Cross, Trellis, Rice,

Diagonal, Smyrna, Four way Contintential,

Cording and Hearts.  Thid was so much

FUN to do.

This design will not be available until June

2018.  I have a group testing the instuctions

from Feburday to April.  I will make a few

kits. and they will be available at Merchants

Night at the EAC Seminar 2018 in

Charlottetown, PEI.  If you would like one to

be held for you, email me, so I can make

sure one is put away for you.

The gorgeous box was made by Ross

Burnett and you will be able to purchase it

at Seminar as well.  He will have kits and

patterns at his table.

Kit and Book $85.00

Book $20.00