Carolyn Mitchell Designs


PLACE:   Winnipeg Embroiderers Guild

DATE:     October 13th and 14th, 2018

DESIGN:  Making Stitches Work For You

Have you thought of creating your own piece of canvas work, but just wasn’t sure where to start?  This course will ease you into designing, by having you produce a simple design from start to finish.  How do I start?  What stitches do I use?  How will I know if the stitches will fit together?  What colours do I use?  How big should it be?  What can I do with it afterwards?

You will get all these questions answered and more.  If you just want more or less what I have done, there will be examples to view and layouts for two designs that will be provided in the book, plus you could take my design and use your own stitches in places to make it yours.  Surprise yourself and see what you can create.

This is a test course so there is only a book fee and guild fee.  You will recieve a supply list as there is no kit for this course.

To register for this class please contact Sharon at:

PLACE:   Winnipeg Embroiderers Guild

DATE:     1 Day - Winter, 2019

CLASS:    Photo Day

With camera or cell phone in hand off we go for a walk in the area as a group. (1 hour)  We will take photos of everyday things such as the brick walls, road grates, trees, leaves, flowers, stone paths, doors, windows.  Up close, far back and from different angles, such as laying down or pointing way up.  It will surprise you what you will find.  We may be doing this activity inside the building depending on the weather.

We will go back to class, view our photos, pick one and transfer it into stitching.

  • For the supplies bring your own scissors,   needles, laying tool, stretcher bars 11" by 8", and brass tacks.
  • Bring a selection of Embroidery Floss and/or  plied silks, #8Braids if you like sparkle and maybe some beads for bling.
  • A Stitch book of Stitches

My kit will include White or Blue Congress Cloth cut to size and a selection of Gentle Art Threads at cost.

To register for this class please contact Sharon at: