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On this page, view all the FLORENTINE DREAMS designs that my clients have completed and the delightful ways they have done so.  If you have stitched FLORENTINE DREAMS and would like to share it, please send me a ."jpeg" format with your permission to have it viewed. Please include comments on the design, colour and/or fibres you used to make it your own. Did you enter and win a prize in your local or state fair?

The header on this page is from this design.

Patty had so much fun taking FLORENTINE DREAMS out of her comfort zone and working with hot spicy colours.  For those who have taken classes with me it is not unusual for me to encourage your inner self.  DELIGHTFUL
Chris took her time and enjoyed the process as she stitched her FLORENTINE DREAMS in subtle colours.  She then had it framed using smokey grey and cream mats.  Exquisite!